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Our family includes Wheaten Terriers Rasmus and Iris, myself Johanna, my husband Vesa and our two adult daughters who already live on their own. We live in Harjavalta in South-West Finland and also spend a lot of time at our cottage in Häme region of Finland. Dogs are involved in everything we do and often travel with us.

With Rasmus and Iris I practice agility and "Rally toko" - Rally-Obedience. We also practice canine nose work - searching for an odor or treat in different environments -and exercise a lot in nature. We occasionally participate in dog shows too.

I have had dogs since my childhood. Our first Wheaten Terrier Heta came to us in 2004 and since then I have been dreaming of a litter of Wheaten Terrier puppies in our home.

I started Kennel Irish Erasmus in September 2021, after taking a breeder's course the same spring. Irish Erasmus comes from our dogs' names and means Irish lovable. Erasmus is also a student exchange program, which I thought was fitting as both of our dogs are imported. The Kennel's first litter was born from a combination of our own dogs Iris and Rasmus and brings a new line to enrich the lineage of wheaten terrier population.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier - Kennel Irish Erasmus

Our Dogs

Our dogs Iris and Rasmus are purebred Irish Line Wheaten Terriers. I also want to follow this line myself and cherish it in order to continue the origin of the breed. Dog's health is of paramount importance to me. Our dogs are thoroughly health-checked with regard to DNA tests and were found to be compatible for breeding. The goal is to breed good-natured and healthy Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers according to the breed definition. I hope that all the puppies from Kennel Irish Erasmus will become loved family members in good and active homes as Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is suitable for many hobbies and is a lovable family dog.


Fi MVA Gaelic-Wheaten`s Vayne of Eire

s. 30.4.2017

Rasmus on tuontikoira Gaelic-Wheaten`s kennelistä Tanskasta. 


Villa Rosas Iselin Fin

s. 28.3.2020

Iris on tuontikoira Villa Rosa kennelistä Ruotsista. 


First litter was born 

 first of november 2022

3 males and 5 females

Molemmat vanhemmat ovat oman perheen koiria, joten tunnemme niiden tavat ja ominaisuudet kokonaisvaltaisesti. 

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